Season Fatigue

As I sit here getting over the fading symptoms of a killer cold and watch the last (I hope) remnants of the snow melt away, I realize that I am just plain tired of winter. This is obviously not a new or unique thought, especially given the truly awful winter that this was. However, I don’t just mean the dreadful and constant snowfall, the dry, chapped skin, the freezing temperatures. I’m tired of root vegetables. I’m sick of stews. I’ve paled on parsnips and I’m over onions. I’ve had enough meals stick to my ribs.

When I woke this morning it was already bright enough that I double checked my clock for fear of having overslept. Though still cold, this almost literal ray of hope dashed the last of my patience. I’m ready for chefs to start hailing the arrival of ramps ad nauseum. But I get it now. Ramps are good in their own right, but more than that they are a harbinger of spring. I want spring peas, asparagus and roast lamb. The modern world has given us the ability to have most of these things year round, but they’re just not the same.

I’ve already scheduled my first big barbecue (April 2nd), and have been hard at work researching where to rent a spit, for I’ve committed myself to either a whole pig or lamb roast this summer. It just can’t arrive fast enough. What are you looking forward to most?

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